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Rave: Check out this band — They’re nekked!

I don’t usually do reviews and promotional stuff on my blog, but I just met these guys at a party the other night and they’re fantastic.

They’re hot…

They’re smart…

They’re queer…

and they’re nekked!

They are JC Faust and Michael Flyte, and their music is original, alternative-electronica type stuff that makes you want to dance around in very few clothes in the presence of other such unclad smart and sexy folks. Check them out!

Click here and then click on the “listen” link. My favorite was “feeling no pain” but “breathe morel pink” was really hot too. Both would make great sex party (or dance party) music! “a boy can dream” was really sweet, too — a little softer but the kind of song that makes you wiggle around at your keyboard until you realize you really aren’t working any more.

And while you’re there, check out the “nekked photos” link … Oh, and the ball-gag photo on the front page? JC Foust told me that was a self-portrait!

So, my advice on this Sunday-before-Labor Day morning?

Get nekked and enjoy yourself!

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