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O Canada…

I’m headed north and west for 6 days. I’m going to a land where marriage is legal for couples regardless of gender or sexual orientation, and where the national anthem starts with a great big O.

I’m going to Canada. Specifically, I’m going to Alberta and British Columbia.

I’m going to see family. I’m going to see wilderness. I’m going to see glaciers (before there are no more). I’m going to spend lots of time driving through mountains in a rental car with my partner and I’m going to face the fact that my sabbatical is just about over.

And when I come back we’re having a party, to which you are all invited. It’s our Sex in the Public Square coming out party. Join us!

While I’m gone, here are some things to read, ponder, get excited about or get outraged about:

Susan Mernit — the Yahoo! Personals guru — divides up the “sex and relationship” bloggers at the BlogHer conference in to three differently fascinating groups:

those for whom sex is always political and often tied into gender politics; others for whom sex—and writing about it—is a personal narrative; often if not always erotic and fun, and those for whom sex and sex information is a filter for just about everything that happens in the world (yeah, the obsessive)

I’m very happy that she puts us in the last category and even happier that she said the goings on would have been “enhanced” by the presence of the inimitable Violet Blue, the brilliant Melissa Gira of Sexerati and yours truly. Any day one gets mentioned in the same set of keystrokes as Violet Blue and Melissa Gira is a good day. Susan, I promise I’ll do my best to be there next year. I was sad to miss it!

Carole Joffe, a sociologist at UC Davis, wrote in a piece that was published both on Alternet and Reality Check, that Bush’s promised veto of the expansion of the State Child Health Insurance Program is more about abortion politics than it is about children’s health care or concerns about big government programs. It begins to seem like fetuses are more equal than the rest of us.

Kayla is going to join us at SexInThePublicSquare.org as a teen correspondent. I invited her because of this piece that I read on her blog, Another Sad Song, in which she roundly chastises grownups for thinking that teens are dumb and thoughtless about sex. Then she roundly chastises those of her peers who are dumb and thoughtless about sex. But mostly she talks about why teens need accurate information if they are going to be smart and thoughtful. We’re looking forward to having her on board.

(One last thing: comments will be slow to be moderated, please be patient. I expect to be rather off the grid most of the time. Those of you who have commented before shouldn’t notice any difference, but those who are new here, you might need to wait until I’m back for your comments to appear.)

Now, I need to finish packing. Have fun while I’m gone and try not to make a mess, okay!

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