Daily Archives: June 5, 2007

Out of the woods…

I’m back in the city and collecting my thoughts. Being in the woods for a week was delightful — human sounds were few and bird sounds and frog sounds were many. It was, it appeared, mating-and-baby-tending season: turtles were laying eggs, fish were guarding nests, very young squirrels were play-fighting in the trees, and red-wing blackbirds were busy escorting crows away from the large areas of marsh they’d claimed as nursery space. (Visit this post on my partner’s blog to see a photo of a turtle checking whether the sun was just right for egg laying. And yes, that’s me in the canoe in the first photo.)

It made me think that a blog about sex — broadly speaking — should include a section on ecology. So that’s something I’m going to add in the expanded public square, which is now — really truly — nearly ready to open. In fact, if you’re interested in previewing it, please drop a note. The new site’ll have much more room for “active membership” so I’d be especially interested in hearing from anyone who’d like to be a regular contributor.

I didn’t keep up with the news much at all while away, so I’m still a bit dazed from all the catching up there is to be done! In addition, there are BR’s extensive comments about penises in the Foreskin Dialogues thread, and Kyle’s on the Alternatives to Marriage Project platform. I promised I’d respond to them.

And I will.

Soon. Tomorrow, perhaps. Once the car horns and ambulances reclaim their place in that part of my brain where they are simply background noise again and not the ear-splitting distractions that they sound like today.


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