5 Questions about Blogging

Viviane, of Viviane’s Sex Carnival (a fantastic site combining sex-news storys, sex-blog posts, and erotic photo galleries) posts my answers to her “5 Questions about Blogging.”

For those who don’t want to click through to see my answers on her site, and thus possibly be exposed to erotic photos, the questions and my answers are reproduced here, below the fold.

1. When did you start blogging?

I started blogging on June 27, 2006, not quite a year ago. Coincidentally that is my mother’s birthday and she has been a regular reader of my blog (and occasional commenter!) from the start. I started because I wanted a way to write short reactions to news articles about sex, or sexuality, without derailing myself from the book I’ve been working on. In other words, it was a place to put ideas that didn’t fit into the book but that were on my mind and that I didn’t want to lose track of. As it happens, the blog has turned into a significant project of it’s own and I’m thinking about expanding it into a larger web site that would create a real online “public square” for discussion and activism around sexuality and sex-related policy.

2. What do you like about blogging?

There are lots of things I like about blogging. I like the discussions that start in the comments area of posts. I like the ability to publish something immediately. I like the independence of blogging. One of the best things about blogging is that anyone can publish whatever the want (and of course that is one of the hazards of blogs as well!). I like the connections that blogging facilitates. I’ve met some fascinating people whose paths I’d never have crossed were it not for the blog.

3. Is blogging a major or minor way of connecting to other people for you?

Blogging has turned into a pretty major way of connecting with people. That surprised me at first! Through my blog I have met authors of books that I’ve mentioned, I met the Perverts’ Saloon folks, I’ve connected online with people around the US and around the world.

4. Where’s your blog? Do you use a free hosted service or do you have your own domain and web server?

My blog is hosted on a free service, WordPress.com. Generally speaking I’ve been very happy with WordPress.com but recently I’ve been dismayed by the unsystematic way that they deal with content that gets reported as “mature.” I posted about this here, here, and here.

5. What do you do to promote your blog or your writing?

I don’t do a lot to promote my blog. I tag entries, but just with tags I generate myself. (Of course lots of these are tags other people use, too.) One of the things I like about WordPress.com is that it generates “global tag pages” for any tag created by a user. So when I use the tag “sex” my post goes on a WordPress tag page with all the other WordPress blog posts tagged “sex.” I don’t use Technorati tags only because I don’t know how! I do sometimes comment on other peoples’ blogs and I have a blogroll that links to blogs I read and that I recommend to others. I recently joined MyBlogLog after you and Susan Mernit both recommended it. I’ve been meaning to join BlogHer.org but haven’t gotten to it yet. But the greatest promotion of my blog has been done by readers. Occasionally readers have posted a piece from my blog on Reddit.com and that has brought lots of traffic, and several new regular readers.

And with that, I thank you who read this blog. You’ve done more to promote it than I could on my own. Thank you for reading, for passing these posts around to others, and for participating in the discussions that take place here. It’s a more interesting blog because of your contributions!

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