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Susie Bright Brings Sense to the “Not Safe For Work” Pink Ghetto Bizarreness that is our culture

I have never once made a post that is really nothing more than a pointer to another blogger’s post, but this one, by Susie Bright, is so relevant to the discussions we’ve been having here, and is so well done, that I am simply tipping my hat to her and asking that you go read her piece and then come back here and discuss it with me.

It makes me wonder why we, at WordPress.com, are even discussing the issue of “mature” tagging when publications like The New Yorker or the New York Times publish sexually explicit material regularly without being labeled “mature” or “not safe for work.”

It makes me wonder why we are so ready to accept self-censorship and self-ghettoization.

It makes me wonder where my head was when I suggested that we should ask for a separate set “adult” tag pages.

Read her piece. Now. It’s long, so if you’re short on time read the first half (though I bet once you start you won’t stop).


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