March 8 is Blog Against Sexism Day

In January we blogged for choice. Tomorrow we can blog against sexism.

Blog Against Sexism Day

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Update: Of course it is also International Women’s Day.


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6 responses to “March 8 is Blog Against Sexism Day

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  2. Gender prejudice or sexism also affects men and boys with role and behavior stereotypes. Both sexes benefit from the elimination of gender prejudice.

    Personally, I may not have the time to blog against sexism on my own blog, but I will participate as a singer against sexism. The diverse chorus in which I sing, Voices of Freedom, will perform as a part of a International Women’s Day Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio on Thursday evening.

  3. Neal, this strikes me as a very important point. While men obviously benefit from male privilege, there is a good deal of damage done to them especially through over-identifying with masculine stereotypes. Men who do so are more likely to die earlier in accidents or violent incidents, for example. Indeed we’d all benenfit from an elimination of the gender roles that our culture maintains.

    Then, the more interesting question: With what would we replace them? Could we eliminate gender roles altogether, expecting the same range of possibilities from people regardless of their status to which they were assigned as babies?

    Has anyone ever read “X: A fabulous child’s story?” by Lois Gould?

  4. Now we’re getting down to the essence of this issue: do men “benefit from male privilege”?

    Maybe some do, but maybe it’s a trade-off, or worse yet, a deal with the devil. Maybe we make more money, comparatively, but we die younger as a result of that stereotype. As a result of that stereotype, men are more likely to be imprisoned or die a violent death.

    Elizabeth, I’m just not convinced that sexual stereotypes benefit anyone. Ever. Men and women are certainly “wired” differently and view the world through different eyes, but ultimately, we share the same human condition. I’m going to go out on a limb here, but we need to celebrate both genders, and the strengths and powers that are certainly a part of each. There are times, I believe, that feminism (and maybe this is my stereotype) fails to recognize the strength and power that both bring to humanity.

    Lastly, if there is any financial benefit to “male privilege”, well then, I guess I’m going to have to use it to support my family. Like a lot of other men that I know actually do.

    Your comments on this blog have “got me going”. I suppose I’m going to have to start writing more about us males.

  5. I think “A Deal with the Devil” would be a great title for a book on masculinity and male privilege.

    Any takers??

  6. I’m going to go out on a limb here, but we need to celebrate both genders,…

    I don’t think you’re out on a limb at all, Neal. I’m all for that. Let us all celebrate (preferably naked, of course) (what, you thought for a second I’d comment without mentioning sex or nudity or both? Pssh.) all the wonders of being human and being a part of this magnificent universe.

    Seriously, it would do the world a lot of good for the whole damned lot of us to just step back and celebrate.

    My pair of pennies.