Please welcome Tom Joaquin to Sex in the Public Square

Tom Joaquin, a dear friend, has agreed to contribute occasionally to Sex in the Public Square. He is a dedicated human rights and civil rights activist, and a brilliant attorney/educator/writer. He’s got his own blog, The Free Lance, which I hope you’ll check out. It’s full of smart and sometimes tragicomic political insight. I’m grateful to him for being generous enough to post here, on sex issues, now and then. You can see his first post, “Q: When is a Vibrator More Dangerous Than a Gun”, on the “Alabama Vibrator Case” below.

Welcome to our parlor, Tom!


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2 responses to “Please welcome Tom Joaquin to Sex in the Public Square

  1. Lesley

    Hey, Tom,

    Glad your out there fighting for all the important issues. There is no better way to be using your gifts.

    Lesley in Minnesota

  2. Emilie

    Hey Tom. Glad to see you out there, looking like you’re doing well.