If you live in the state of Washington…

…and I know that some of you do, please surf over to Washington Defense of Marriage Alliance for information about their very interesting new campaign. It’s not exactly what it sounds like on the surface!

What do you think of the strategy? Is it guerilla-theater-politics at its best? Is it a misguided attempt that that is likely to backfire? It certainly seems like a way to draw a new kind of attention to the issue.


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3 responses to “If you live in the state of Washington…

  1. sauerkraut

    Interesting. Only provides for 3 years for procreation which makes this effort as idiotic and facist as the Andersen court ruling, imho.

  2. Thanks for your heads up on this, Elizabeth.

    It’s incredibly funny that I didn’t realize it was a parody of the fundies. It’s also a shame.

    It’s a shame that no matter how extreme you try to make a hyperbole of them, it’s still easily plausible.

  3. Sergeant Zim

    One thing that really caught my attention was this clause (in the prohibited section – marriages which are not to be recognized):
    “(d) When the parties are unable to have children together for any reason”

    Further down, in section 8 I find this nugget:
    “(1) When the state registrar of vital statistics determines that a marriage solemnized in this state has failed to produce offspring as described in section 5 of this act, he or she shall file a petition in the superior court of the county wherein the marriage license was filed requesting that the marriage be annulled on the grounds of failure to fulfill the purpose of marriage.”

    My wife had a hysterectomy 6 months before we were married. Obviously we are incapable to have children together – does this mean that, under Washington law, we are ‘sinning’?

    Fortunatley, it appears that a majority of the elected officials in Washington State have I.Q.’s higher than their belt size, and have defeated this bill – for now. The frightening thing is that this kind of ‘thinking’ is far too common in America of late, (led by the curent Resident, of course).