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Holiday Generosity?

I know you didn’t ask, but, if you should happen to be looking for a couple of sex-positive causes to support with your year-end or holiday giving, may I suggest two that are currently experiencing pretty urgent needs?

Audacia Ray writes that $pread Magazine is weathering a crisis and needs an infusion of cash to get out their next issue. $pread is a fantastic magazine that gives sex workers a way to share information, tell their stories, advocate for themselves, share resources and, of course, educate the rest of us. You can reach their donations page here.

And just this morning I read that donations to Scarleteen are down. This is especially sad because Scarleteen is one of the best online sources of sexuality information for teens, and does lots of incredibly good work. They not only help teens with accurate and understandable information, but they also help teens build positive body image, negotiate relationships, and make smart decisions. You can reach their donations page here.

And of course there is the Center for Sex and Culture, one of my favorite organizations. It’s run by the incredible Drs. Carol Queen and Robert Lawrence and in addition to all its direct education through workshops and readings and the like, it contains an unparalleled library of sex-related materials — pornography, dissertations, ‘zines, comics, educational materials, and more — that spans decades. The CSC is in the middle of a move from one location to another, and could very much use some help. You can visit their donations page here.

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