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Collaborative, egalitarian, erotic community-building

I rarely write to promote web sites, and I even less frequently write specifically about erotic work, but I just came across what I think is a really interesting, unique effort at creating erotic community in a collaborative and equality-minded way.

Playful-Bent is a free site where people can create profiles and then collaborate on erotic stories and participate in photo strip shows. Remember those “pick the ending” stories you used to read as a kid? These stories are like those, except you get to write the story adding pages to what others have written, or changing the direction of the story if you don’t especially like where someone else has taken it. The photo strip shows are by invitation, and you don’t get to see another person’s show unless you reveal yourself as well, and you only reveal as much as you want (or as much as you want to see of the other person!).

The site is created by and seems to attract mostly polyamorous pansexual people, which is another reason I think it’s interesting and worth looking at. It offers a space where multiple sexualities are welcomed, where participants interact as equals and where community is built as participants share in the production of the material.

The treating of written erotic material as equal in value to visual images is refreshing, and the emphasis on real people interacting with each other is really wonderful. I imagine since Violet Blue’s review the site will grow a good deal, and it will be interesting to see how that changes the interactions.

If you’re looking for a different take on online communities, and if you’re interested in sexuality and erotica, you might really enjoy spending a few moments over at Playful-Bent.com.

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