Desperately seeking practical info — please circulate

I work at a public college in a county — Nassau County, NY — that does not recognize domestic partnerships. We at the college are county employees as well as being college employees. (Yes, two bosses. Lucky us!). We have two options for gaining recognition for (and thus winning corresponding benefits — rights! — for) our faculty members’ domestic partners.

In other words, we have two lines of possible action for making sure that all our families are treated equally.

The first is to negotiate this recognition and the benefits that would go with it into our next contract. This would only affect employment-related recognition, but it would be a start. We tried to negotiate this in the last round of bargaining and failed.

The second is to get the county to pass legislation that would recognize domestic partnerships and treat them equally with other families for employment-related purposes as well as for such purposes as housing, medical decision making, and so on. This could be done through lobbying for legislation, or, possibly, through a lawsuit that would force the county to make such recognition.

I need, badly, to hear from people who have been actively involved in successful organizing campaigns at local or county or public employer levels to win recognition of domestic partnerships. In New York this would mean people who helped win this recognition in Suffolk County, Westchester County, Rockland County, New York City, Albany, and Rochester. Outside of New York it means a lot more places.

If you are such a person — and of all you readers out there, there must be one who is — please get in touch with me at sexinthepublicsquare (at) yahoo (dot) com or by leaving your comments here. If you are not such a person, but you know someone who is, please pass along my request.

Hundreds of people look at this blog every day. And some of you look at it on purpose, and not because a search for images of public sex brought you here.

Some of you are activists, and some of you have won. I need to hear from you.

In solidarity,



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3 responses to “Desperately seeking practical info — please circulate

  1. I’ve reposted your request. Good luck.

  2. I just know that New York City has supports domestic partnerships. Maybe you could talk to the Mayor’s Office on this, or just dial 311 and get connected to the people who help people with this issue. I know as a City employee that if I had a domestic partner, she’d be covered by my health insurance and be considered family on an apartment lease, etc.

  3. Thanks Selina. What I’m really looking for, though, is information from activists who have actually worked on the issue. I have a lot of information about what policies exist, and what laws have been passed. What I want to know is how the activists or others working on the issue *got* them passed. What kinds of organizing strategies, persuasion, tactics, etc., were most useful? What backfired or didn’t work? That kind of thing.

    I’m still working on this, by the way, and the group on my campus who is commited to the issue has grown to more than 60 people, so I think we’ll succeed. But help and information about strategy would still be very welcomed!