Off to the West Coast

I have not abandoned my post, but am out of town for the next two weeks. I’m in Oakland and San Francisco for a conference and to do more research for the book I’m working on. This space will not be updated and I’ll have sporadic email access, so comments might not be moderated very quickly.

Three stops on my agenda are the Lusty Lady, the Center for Sex and Culture, and Good Vibrations. (The Lusty and Good Vibes are both worker-owned co-ops, and I love worker-owned businesses. In addition, the Lusty has been having some new troubles of late.)I do hope you’ll do two things for me while I’m away:

1. Let me know about things you think I should do or see while In Oakland/San Francisco.

2. Let me know what sex-in-the-news stories or cultural conflicts catch your attention while I am away. Please use the “drop me a note” link on the right.

If I get your suggestions for things to do and then do any of them, I’ll blog about it when I get back. And your story-alerts will serve as blog-fodder as well!

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One response to “Off to the West Coast

  1. oh my
    a sex blogger on wordpress who isn’t me. this makes me so happy.

    i just stumbled by but i’ll be back, i like the issues you raise and the way you think.

    hope you’re having a blast. go try the ‘bagna calda’ at the stinking rose

    (garlic/olive oil deliciousness)