New look.

I’m trying out a new WordPress theme. It’s called Pressrow. What think you? Use the “drop me a note” link to the right or leave a comment.


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4 responses to “New look.

  1. Oohh, very stern and sexy. Or is that port and sexy? No, actually, I’m going to go with stern, starboard and sexy.

    It’s spankalicious.

    chelsea girl

  2. Thanks Chelsea! Kissykiss to you too. And actually, I’m sternly on the port side of the boat, exactly 🙂
    Think of all the symbolism… Ships are full of phallic objects (just look at that those masts!) but they’re always referred to in the feminine so there’s some gender bending for you…. Then there are the tools available — all that rope, for starters! And so many places to which to attach it. And the commands: “All hands on deck” — for what purpose, do you suppose?

    So many suggestive possibilities… What else do they bring to mind?

  3. tugster

    I like yer blog, but if yer sternly, yer being so nearer to the starboard side of the ship shown although you might be standing on the port side of yer own vessel. yer starter tool example, it’s called line, which has the same possiblities as rope does on land. other great marine language includes light tug, strongback, throat, and mate. carry on.

  4. Oh my, seems I can’t tell the back end from the front end. That doesn’t bode well! Tugster and CG were certainly right. I am squarely on the starboard side of the Peking, there, whose bowsprit sticks out toward FDR Drive and not out toward the river, of course. Peking — another bit of interesting symbolism? Say it slowly and without emphasis on either syllable.

    And let’s thank Tugster for shining light on the possibilities of boat fetish language. Throats and light tugs and strongbacks indeed!