Some blog-related housekeeping

I’ve been away from my blog for nearly two weeks and am returning with some changes I want to let you know about. They each have to do with ways of responding to my posts, or being in touch.

First, you’ll notice on the sidebar I’ve given you a way to email me. Just click on the “Drop me a note” link above my photo. I hope this will make it possible for the shy among you to let me know what you think about what you read. I figure that some people don’t want their thoughts broadcast to the world and so this is a way for you to reach me without reaching anyone else who might come across my blog.

Second, for those who’ve tried to make a comment but have been put off by the need to register or fill in an email address and name, I’ve changed the rules for commenting. Now, instead of needing to be logged on or registered, anyone can make a comment, but the comments will be moderated by me. That means that they won’t show up until I’ve had a chance to read and approve them. The purpose of either approach is to cut down on spam, but the latter approach may make you feel more free to comment since you don’t have to have an account anywhere.

So, now that I’m back and you have more options for participating in these discussions, I hope they’ll become richer and more interesting. My next post will specifically ask for your thoughts. I hope you’ll share them!

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