Happy Independence Day…. Sexual Freedom and Sexual Independence

Just a quick thought that doesn’t have anything to do with commenting on the news:

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to celebrate Independence Day by laying out in a park or field somewhere getting yourself off to the brilliant flashes and gut-vibrating booms of the fireworks tonight? Sexual freedom, independence, and explosive release!

Happy 4th of July!


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2 responses to “Happy Independence Day…. Sexual Freedom and Sexual Independence

  1. I was talking with my mother about this post and was reminded, rightly, that it is not okay to expose yourself sexually to others without their consent. Consent is my mantra when it comes to sex. So, if you were out there masturbating under the fireworks, I hope you were doing it discretely or among like-minded people! (And of course it was probably dark and most people were looking up at the sky…)

  2. Masturbation is one way to celebrate Independence Day. Chelsea Girl writes here about using the 4th to celebrate the Lawrence v. Texas decision 😉 http://prettydumbthings.typepad.com/chelseagirl/2006/07/sexual_independ.html