Sex is like food

It’s not quite cliche but it is hardly original to say that “sex is like food” (just google the phrase to see how many other people think sex and food have something in common). Sex is part of everyday life, is sustaining of life, and is a source of pleasure. People eat to sustain themselves but also eat because they enjoy the sensual pleasures of food. And yet we talk about food much more easily than we talk about sex.

And sex is also like conversation: it is a way of communicating with lovers, with partners, with strangers, with ourselves.

Yet, for all that sex is like food, or like conversation, we don’t have a culture that supports treating sex like either of those things. We share recipes, we sit down over dinner together with friends and we talk about all kinds of things, but we don’t tend to share sexual experiences as openly.

This is especially clear when looking at how news stories about sex-related topics treat sexuality, sexual activity and people who put their sexual desires and experiences out there in the public square. While we’re a society where there are fewer and fewer sexual taboos, we still stigmatize lots of kinds of sex.

I have an agenda. It is a goal of mine to make sex something we treat in much the same way as we treat eating or conversation: as an ordinary part of everyday life, as a “normal” form of social interaction, and as something to be discussed easily, freely, and without guilt or shame. I’m glad I’m not alone in working on this agenda. The blogroll and links associated with this blog will take you to other voices that also want to open up sexual discourse and bring honest talk about sex into the public square.


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